Warranty Service
All Zeppelin memory modules are strictly tested and passed before shipment, unfortunately, occasional flaw does happen with any electronic product. However, it is our duty to take responsibility if your Zeppelin memory module encounters any compatible issue or defect at your or your customer's site.
When and if you ever encounter difficulty with any Zeppelin memory module please remember to take the following steps to find out the problem first.
  • Is this a genuine Zeppelin memory module made by Jeylin Corp of Taiwan.
  • Is there any physical damage to the memory module such as IC chips and PCB.
  • Is there any obvious burn-out black spot on the gold finger.
  • Up-date your mother board BIOS and re-insert your Zeppelin module again.
  • Re-run your Zeppelin module with other branded or model mother board and see if similar problem still persists. There are certain chips which may have compatible issue with very old mother boards.
When all above points have been executed and your Zeppelin memory module still refuses to work properly then please take the following steps.
  • Pack it well and return it to us by DHL or EMS.
  • Notify us via email and address to or
  • Enclose an invoice with your RMA package indicating the items and quantities you are returning to us for free servicing.
  • Upon our receipt of your RMA we will check the content and send you a RMA receipt list with a RMA reference number and reconfirm the items and quantities we have received from you.
  • Please allow us about two weeks for servicing. Once its fully serviced we will send it back to you at the address you listed with the returned RMAs.
  • All Zeppelin memory modules are subject to lifetime warranty.